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The Herd

I started off with 2 unregistered wethers.  I had grown up around horses, but had never had goats.  I soon realized that my life just wouldnt be the same without goats.  And so the addiction flourished !

My herd is now comprised of 11 ADGA registered Nigerian Dwarf Goats (8 does and 3 bucks).  I've tried to select animals for both pedigree and conformation, as well as visually appealing.

This year I have become an AGDA Plus member, and will hopefully be participation in Linear Appraisal, DHIA milk testing and if time permits, a handful of shows for some of the ladies.

For 2024, I currently have 5 pregnant does, expecting to freshen between March and May - all does were bred to two of my young herd sires, and I'm very excited to see their first kids !


Milk Test Info

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